Katlyn Wyllie

Two suitcases. That is all I could bring with me when I moved to South Korea.
$400. That is how much I spent on an 18-day trek to Everest Base Camp, Nepal.
One 55-liter backpack. That is all I could carry around an eight-month journey around South East Asia.
Two months. That is how much time I had to hitchhike around the U.S. and Canada.
103. That is how many positive references I have on couchsurfing.com after five years of hosting and surfing the world.

Adventure is my life. Travel is my inspiration. Telling a story is my passion.

I lived in South Korea for two years, visited Thailand three times, rode a motorcycle from the top to the bottom of Vietnam, backpacked through South East Asia, hiked to Mount Everest base camp, and roadtripped Canada from coast to coast.

I am a people-person. I am a thrill-seeker. I am a storyteller.